Pain Management

Pain Management

If you are searching for an experienced pain management specialist for your back or neck, look no further than Dr. Randall, a highly experienced and caring doctor that can help you.

Pain Management is a medical approach that draws on disciplines in science and alternative healing to study the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pain. For painful spine and musculoskeletal disorders, pain management is employed as an aggressive conservative (nonsurgical) care program that helps to identify the source of neck and back pain and rehabilitate the patient as an alternative or follow-up to surgery.

If you've experienced a lack of understanding from others about the agony you are experiencing, you aren't alone. That's why we offer a friendly environment where you are treated as a real person with dignity and respect. We view your pain in its entirety and offer a multitude of treatment options including injections (epidurals, nerve blocks, nerve burns, stimulators and more), medications, physical therapy, and biologics.

Dr. Randall is a quadruple board-certified physician and is fellowship trained in pain management. This type of training has allowed him to meet and treat patients from all different walks of life with different problems and needs. Worried you might need surgery? Surgery is a last option the majority of the time. But, in the event you do need surgery, Dr. Randall can refer you to a surgeon of choice or he can recommend a surgeon for you.