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Why Choose Dr. Randall For Your Pain Management.

If you've experienced a lack of understanding from others about the agony you are experiencing, you aren't alone. That's why we offer a friendly environment where you are treated as a real person with dignity and respect. We view your pain in its entirety and offer a multitude of treatment options including injections (epidurals, nerve blocks, nerve burns, stimulators and more), medications, physical therapy, and biologics.

Dr. Randall is a quadruple board-certified physician and is fellowship trained in pain management. This type of training has allowed him to meet and treat patients from all different walks of life with different problems and needs. Worried you might need surgery? Surgery is a last option the majority of the time. But, in the event you do need surgery, Dr. Randall can refer you to a surgeon of choice or he can recommend a surgeon for you.

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Meet the team

Andrew Jimerson , NP

Andrew Jimerson , NP

Andrew Jimerson is a nurse practitioner formally trained in pain management, family practice, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He is the first and only board-certified nurse practitioner for pain management in Oklahoma by the American Society for Pain Management Nursing in addition to being board certified in family practice.

Andrew has over a decade of combined experience in neurosurgery and pain management – and he uses this experience and training to work with patients to determine the best course of action to achieve optimal pain relief. He also takes time to answer any and all questions related to their care provided by Randall Pain Management.

Andrew Jimerson , NP

Kendra Thompson

RN, BSN, Practice Administrator

Starting as Dr. Randall’s medical assistant in 2012, Kendra has dedicated her career to helping patients who suffer from pain. With her extensive experience and knowledge in musculoskeletal issues, pain management and passion for providing compassionate care, she has transitioned from medical assistant to registered nurse and now to the role of practice administrator. She is responsible for creating and implementing the policies and procedure to ensure patients receive the highest level of care possible. Currently, she is attending Texas Woman’s University for obtain her Master of Science in Nursing with the intent of becoming a nurse practitioner in April 2024.


Kendra’s focus has always been and continues to be improving patient outcomes by creating an environment where patients feel valued and understood by every caregiver they encounter while at our facilities. She is committed to advocating for patients and ensuring their pain is appropriately managed in a safe and caring environment. Mrs. Thompson is a the youngest of nine children which drives her love of efficiency and desire to stay busy. Kendra is married and has one daughter, Elizabeth who was born in 2020. Her family, learning new things and helping others are her primary focuses of life.